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Image: European Journal of Marketing

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Read highly cited authors in European Journal of Marketing

Stephen L. Vargo and Robert F. Lusch

Service-dominant logic: a necessary step
Robert F. Lusch, (University of Arizona) and Stephen L. Vargo, (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Market systems, stakeholders and value propositions: Toward a service-dominant logic-based theory of the market
Stephen L. Vargo, (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

John R. Rossiter

Marketing measurement revolution: The C-OAR-SE method and why it must replace psychometrics
John R. Rossiter, (University of Wollongong)

Comparing perceptions of marketing communication channels
Peter J. Danaher, (Melbourne Business School), John R. Rossiter, (University of Wollongong)

Pennie Frow and Adrian F. Payne

A stakeholder perspective of the value proposition concept
Pennie Frow, (University of Sydney), Adrian Payne, (University of New South Wales)

Discover highly cited articles

Corporate marketing myopia and the inexorable rise of a corporate marketing logic: Perspectives from identity-based views of the firm
John M.T. Balmer, (Brunel University)

"Living the brand": brand orientation in the business-to-business sector
Carsten Baumgarth, (Marmara University)

Role of electronic trust in online retailing: A re-examination of the commitment-trust theory
Avinandan Mukherjee, (Montclair State University) and Prithwiraj Nath, (Nottingham University Business School)

Service quality, relationship satisfaction, trust, commitment and business-to-business loyalty
Ruben Chumpitaz Caceres and Nicholas G. Paparoidamis, (Université Catholique de Lille)

An ethical basis for relationship marketing: a virtue ethics perspective
Patrick E. Murphy, (University of Notre Dame), Gene R. Laczniak, (Marquette University), Graham Wood, (University of Salford)

Explore the very latest, cutting-edge Special Issues

Anti-consumption and consumer resistance
Guest Editors: Mike Lee, Dominique Roux, Helene Cherrier, Bernard Cova

Identity perspectives on corporate and organisational marketing
Guest editors: John M.T. Balmer and Shaun M. Powell

Nonprofit, Social, Arts & Heritage Marketing
Guest editors: Roger Bennett, Finola Kerrigan and Daragh O'Reilly

Marketing perspectives of logistics firms
Guest editor(s): Michael Bourlakis and T.C. Melewar

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