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  Psycho-Oncology is concerned with the psychological, social, behavioral, and ethical aspects of cancer. This subspeciality addresses the two major psychological dimensions of cancer: the psychological responses of patients to cancer at all stages of the disease, and that of their families and caretakers; and the psychological, behavioral and social factors that may influence the disease process.

Read the top downloaded articles from the last two years free here:

Randomized controlled trial of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) for survivors of breast cancer
Cecile A. Lengacher, Versie Johnson-Mallard, Janice Post-White, et al.
Volume 18, Issue 12

Review of the literature on the effects of caring for a patient with cancer
Una Stenberg, Cornelia M. Ruland, Christine Miaskowski
Volume 19, Issue 10

Unbearable suffering of patients with a request for euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide: an integrative review
Marianne Dees, Myrra Vernooij-Dassen, Wim Dekkers, Chris van Weel
Volume 19, Issue 4

Meaning-centered group psychotherapy for patients with advanced cancer: a pilot randomized controlled trial
William Breitbart, Barry Rosenfeld, Christopher Gibson, et al
Volume 19, Issue 1

Psychological adjustment among male partners in response to women's breast/ovarian cancer risk: a theoretical review of the literature
Kerry A. Sherman, Nadine A. Kasparian, Shab Mireskandari
Volume 19, Issue 1

Nurse-patient communication in cancer care: does responding to patient's cues predict patient satisfaction with communication
Ruud Uitterhoeve, Jozien Bensing, Eefje Dilven, et al.
Volume 18, Issue 10

Relationship of stress management skill to psychological distress and quality of life in adults with cancer
Leigh Anne Faul, Heather S. Jim, Charles Williams, et al.
Volume 19, Issue 1

Cancer patients' desire for psychological support: prevalence and implications for screening patients' psychological needs
Isabelle Merckaert, Yves Libert, Sophie Messin, et al.
Volume 19, Issue 2

Relationships among optimism, well-being, self-transcendence, coping, and social support in women during treatment for breast cancer
Ellyn E. Matthews, Paul F. Cook
Volume 18, Issue 7

Spirituality and well-being in cancer patients: a review
Anja Visser, Bert Garssen, Ad Vingerhoets
Volume 19, Issue 6

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