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The ISME Journal celebrates 10 years!
The ISME Journal seeks to promote diverse and integrated areas of microbial ecology spanning the breadth of microbial life, including bacteria, archaea, microbial eukaryotes, and viruses.

The journal is proud to celebrate 10 years of publication in 2017, and to extend its tradition of publishing high-impact, widely read research.

Watch our anniversary video showing a brief impact overview of
The ISME Journal:
Read the following Editor selected recently published articles:
Experimental Evolution and the Dynamics of Adaptation and Genome Evolution in Microbial Populations
Challenges in microbial ecology: building predictive understanding of community function and dynamics
A robust nitrifying community in a bioreactor at 50 °C opens up the path for thermophilic nitrogen removal
Capturing the most wanted taxa through cross-sample correlations
Read the 5 top-cited articles since the journal first published in 2007:
Pyrosequencing enumerates and contrasts soil microbial diversity
822 total citations
An improved Greengenes taxonomy with explicit ranks for ecological and evolutionary analyses of bacteria and archaea
812 total citations
Soil bacterial and fungal communities across a pH gradient in an arable soil
615 total citations
A comprehensive survey of soil acidobacterial diversity using pyrosequencing and clone library analyses
352 total citations
GeoChip: a comprehensive microarray for investigating biogeochemical, ecological and environmental processes
326 total citations
We invite you to join in our future! Authors benefit from:

  • Wide exposure and article visibility via and to members of the International Society for Microbial Ecology
  • Open Access options for authors
  • Inclusion in leading abstracting and indexing services, including Embase, Medline and the Science Citation Index
  • SharedIt - Springer Nature’s SharedIt content-sharing initiative allows authors and subscribers to share links to view-only, full-text articles from this journal
  • An engaged and growing Twitter following for the journal at @ISMEJournal
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