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Every year the editors of Science Robotics suggest their top articles published in the journal. These Editors' picks are freely available online to read until the end of January 2022.

Mutual gaze with a robot affects human neural activity and delays decision-making processes
Belkaid et al. (Wykowska)

A cellular platform for the development of synthetic living machines
Blackiston et al. (Levin)

Robotic hand augmentation drives changes in neural body representations
Kieliba et al. (Makin)

Manipulation for self-Identification, and self-Identification for better manipulation
Hang et al. (Dollar)

A controllable dual-catapult system inspired by the biomechanics of the dragonfly larvae’s predatory strike
Büsse et al. (Gorb)

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With its motto of “Science for Robotics and Robotics for Science,” Science Robotics was launched to cover the most notable advances in robots and their applications. The journal addresses both theoretical advances as well as practical applications of robotics. It promotes communication of new ideas, general principles, and original developments in robotics research and field applications, bearing the quality hallmark of the Science family of journals. Learn more.

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